The Stone Soup Project

A Catskill Community Partnership

Stone Soup is a European folk tale, in which the people of a town each share a small amount of their food in order to make a meal for all. 

As the pandemic continues, many in our community are unable to manage daily meals. The Stone Soup Project is a completely volunteer effort, born out of a full refrigerator at a thriving local restaurant.  Michelle Williams, owner of the Mermaid Café and Bittersweet, the ice cream parlor next door, now feeds 90 people who have financial need or cannot leave home to get food, and funds it entirely through community donations. 

Stone Soup Today

This is the Stone Soup project today:

• Serves free soup and bread to people in need Monday, Wednesday and Friday  

• Local residents who are currently unemployed volunteer as delivery drivers  

• Meals are prepared by Mermaid staff in their commercial kitchen

• Soups are delivered in individual 16 oz cups with bread, and are left on the door step

• To ensure social distancing, delivery is confirmed by a follow-up text or call

• Each soup delivery costs the project approximately $3 per person 

What's Next

• We know that many more of our neighbors are going hungry and we are working to identify them with organizations who serve Catskill residents every day, including Matthew 25, Community Action and the Catskill Community Center.

• We’ve spoken with other restaurants who would like to help maintain and potentially expand this effort.  We’d like to be able to reimburse them for their costs, and perhaps provide our restaurants a small profit to help them survive the downturn.

• We would like to add a fuel stipend to reimburse our volunteer drivers, who already contribute their time and provide an essential service that adds to their risk


you can do

We can’t continue to help our neighbors without donations and here is how you can contribute:

• Make a tax-deductible contribution to the GoFundMe Stone Soup Project  page that is linked to the Catskill Community Center and their account at the Bank of Greene County.  The center is  donating accounting services to insure that all reimbursements for costs are accurately recorded and all payments are made in a timely manner.  They are also a nonprofit entity which also assists us with the project

•  Here is the link to that site. 

Thank you for all that you do and please keep yourself and your family safe in this difficult time. 

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