About the Catskill Local Development Corporation

The Catskill Local Development Corporation is an adjunct of the Village of Catskill Board of Trustees. An all-volunteer group of local professionals, our mission is to support and stimulate local economic development. We do this in several ways: through low-interest loans to qualified borrowers who are starting new businesses in Catskill’s business corridor; with our Project 90 program which provides 90 days of rent for a qualified start-up business; and by developing innovative ways of promoting Catskill’s brand. 

   We are proud of the role we’ve played in Catskill’s dramatic revitalization. From 25 empty storefronts on Main St. in 2010 to total occupancy in 2020, Catskill continues to thrive because of the community that has built, maintained, and cared for it. The CLDC is there to make sure that community support always flourishes.

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