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New York Restaurant

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353 Main St, Catskill, NY 12414


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NEW YORK RESTAURANT - A Catskill Treasure 

New York Restaurant took its place as the crown jewel of Main St., from the moment owner Natasha Witka,opened its doors in 2015. Being a Catskill native, Natasha knew what her customers would be looking for: fine,original fare, warm atmosphere, and a characteristic often used in describing Catskill itself - authenticity. NYR is the place where everyone is made to feel like you belong there. And Natasha makes sure that you do. 

    Born into a big Polish family of great cooks, Natasha was at her grandmother’s stove by age five, learning the great old world recipes. Her dream of making food for people was born in those early days. Through college, a career in real estate, and several restaurant jobs she kept the dream going until it was time to make it come true. 

   She found a place that spoke to her right in her hometown on Main St.. Vacant for over nine years, the neglected shell had housed restaurants in its heyday  since the 1920s. She opted to name hers in honor of the original one - The New York Restaurant. For almost two years Natasha’s family worked with her to manifest her vision. Now celebrating it’s fifth anniversary, New York Restaurant has become everything she wanted, or as she puts it,’a comfortable extension of my living room, a place that made people feel good, a happy place.”

    The menu expresses Natasha’s style - taking care of everyone but all with a personal point of view. She has taken advantage of the pandemic shut-down to retune and come up with some fresh ideas. Always affordable, the new weekly menu will be rotating so there’s always something different for the regulars, but the classics will remain. The best burger in Catskill (the factory burger) will still be on the menu, along with three signature dishes, the arugula salad, and a family style option, and of course, it wouldn’t be Natasha’s without her grandma’s Polish cuisine proudly represented. The famous bar will still be curated by talented mixologist Michael Gilfeather. 

    Take-out service begins the week of May 4. There will be Mother’s Day specials on May 7 through 10. Ask about the delivery option. 

The other big news is Natasha’s carry-out market in her front window! Fresh produce and protein items as well as toiletry products, all locally sourced will soon be available.

Natasha is hoping to return to limited in-house dining by mid-June. “We’re taking it in baby steps,” she says. Whatever it takes, we can’t wait to return to the “happy place.”

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The Mermaid Cafe' 


374 Main St, Catskill, NY 12414

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(518) 217-8811

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The Mermaid Café' opened in December of 2019 and was an immediate hit in Catskill’s dining scene. A fun place to gather for creative tacos and homemade ramen, the cozy café' was named after a famous Joanie Mitchell lyric by owner and Catskill native Michelle Williams. Radiating a warm, welcoming ambience, it features an affordable menu of savory dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. “I wanted to give Catskill something that we didn’t have here yet, and it had to be kid-friendly”, said Michelle, mother of seven-year-old Hazel.


Returning to Catskill after a stretch in NYC, the enterprising young woman opened Pistilwhip, a tiny floral boutique which eventually transformed into Bittersweet, an ice cream shop. The success of that venture led her to opening The Mermaid Cafe, just two doors away. The community’s immediate embrace of this charming locale comes as a confirmation of Catskill’s dynamic revitalization. Although the cafe’s momentum was suddenly thwarted due to the covid-related shut-down, Michelle remained undaunted and quickly switched to take-out and delivery business. But then she went further.


Stone Soup is Michelle’s latest venture. With schools being closed and the isolation restrictions hindering children and families from getting fed, Williams saw a need and was compelled to do something about it. She began making soup and bringing to any homebound person who needed it. Now serving over 90 meals a day, Williams makes the soup at home while overseeing Hazel’s homeschooling. The soup portions are 16 oz. per person and include home made bread. Clam chowder, Pork sage, beef chili, and turkey vegetable are just a few of her “soups du jour”. They’re picked up each morning by volunteers and delivered anywhere within a 15-mile radius of her kitchen.  The meals are free to all recipients. Michelle has been covering the expenses by herself.

If you would like to help the Stone Soup Project, just go to the Home Page and hit the Stone Soup Project button.


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