Hey, Catskill! We’re all in this together!

The Village of Catskill has been on the upswing for the last few years because so many great folks took a chance on us and opened a shop or restaurant here. As a result Catskill is flourishing! Our sense of community has never been stronger.

Buy a Gift Card

100% of the proceeds from gift card purchases will go to the designated recipients.

Suddenly, it’s screeching to a halt with Covid 19.

Now is the time that true community comes together, steps up to the plate and collectively asks “how can we help?"

1. Just click the Help Now button above. 

2. Select one or more of the local businesses that you would like to purchase a gift card from.

3. The amounts are in $20.00 increments. If you want a $40.00 gift card, just add two of them to your order.

4. Follow the instructions to submit your order and pay using our secure online system.

We’ve also listed our businesses’ websites, Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts. You’re welcome to go there to buy your gift card, browse their take-out menus or shop online.

Our businesses need help NOW. Whatever you spend today will later become a great meal, a beautiful gift, and most of all, an important part in keeping Catskill going.

The CLDC has opened an account for the sole purpose of channeling all gift card revenues to the venue of your choice. No fees or expenses will be deducted from your purchase.

Thanks for showing your gratitude to the wonderful place we all love! 


The Catskill Local Development Team

Let's get back open soon!

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