Request for Food Assistance



The Stone Soup Kitchen Project - Catskill is a community partnership bringing food and other assistance to those who cannot afford it or who cannot leave home during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

If you are a Catskill resident (Village, Leeds, Palenville, Kiskatom, Cementon) in need of meals, please fill out this form. If you know someone without internet access in need of this program, please assist them in  filling out this form. 

We will make every effort to meet your needs as requested below. If you are new to the list, it may take several days until you receive a delivery.  Please fill out this form only once. If you have questions, contact us at the email If you want to discontinue delivery, please send an email to this address or call 518.719.8244.

Tell us about yourself.

Where do you live?


Please let us know things that may help when we arrive at your home. Do you have a dog? Where may we leave the soup, for example the chair on the porch etc. 

How should we contact you?

Tell us about your household.


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